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I will try to answer any questions you may have regarding bands, records etc presented on this site
- as far as time allows me
. Send a mail to mons(a)mons.no!
mons.no is dedicated to the
Norwegian band Monster Blomster. And ōyvind Ryan, with various bands.
The best thing would have been to translate the whole site into English. This could, in one form or another, be the case sometime in the future. Until then, I will try to make this norwegian site a bit more understandable even if you donít speak the language. There is a Norwegian-English dictionary of essential words used here.
Maybe you can make some use of it. Maybe not.


On the other side of this site, the band Monster Blomster’s own pot, there is plenty to read. In Norwegian, that is. Diskrografisk Avdeling is a very short Monster Blomster-discography. By visiting Billedavdelingen you can figure out what Monster Blomster looked like from 1991 to 1999. A study in rocketting decay.
In the link to
Trommisavdelingen you can at least figure out who played drums with Monster Blomster, and when.
And here’s a link to Luna Kafe and their brief
but beautiful summarize on Monsters Blomster’s ten-year long career on records.


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