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Ryanbanden Synger Julen Inn

Side 1: Det jeg ønsker meg til jul  3:22
Side A:
Juggel  3:11

Release date: November 25th, 2011.
Limited 7" vinyl. 205 numbered copies with music sheet as cover, together with a red ribbon and a golden sticker. Vinyl in gold, in a see through sleeve
blank, but with audio HAHA!! with silk printed silver snow (!). First hundred copies also included a Cielo chocolate (!), but that is now (1st of December) history.

Another 165 copies comes without music sheet cover, ribbon, sticker and chocolate, but is still rather sexy, with the see through silk printet golden snow crystals cover
(almost as above, only better).
It will nonetheless improve your record collection vastly.
Recorded and mixed in September and October 2011 in Nautilus Studio
Produced and arranged by Bent Sæther and Øyvind Ryan
Bent: Drums, percussion, bass, organ, glockenspiel and harmony vocals
Øyvind: Lead and harmony vocals, guitars, percussion and glockenspiel
Øyvind Holm: Pianos and acoustic 12-string
Even and Alex was away on business
Oskar Yazan Mellemsether: Accordion
Eskild Johansen Næss: Tech, mix and some harmony vocals
Mastered by Morten Stendahl in Redroom Studio
Cover by Håvard Gjelseth
Music sheet notted by Jon Øivind Ness
The man behind the counter is Torgeir Lund

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